Father Manyanet forged the vocation that he had received from God in an assiduous contemplation of the Holy Family. He designed the itinerary of his spiritual life and his apostolic activity: to put into practice and announce to the world the Gospel of Nazareth.

His entire apostolic life was spent in presenting God's plan for marriage and the family. He promoted and defedned its identity, its nature, its stability and mission.

He asserted that "paternity is similar to the priesthood", therefore his teaching to the parents was that their lives be open to the Gospel and they endeavor to transmit the gospel to their children through the small events  of everyday life as is shown to us in the "youth years" of the life of Jesus at Natzareth. In the house of the Holy Family, Manyanet discovered the essential of the family and there learned the pedagogy of the "culture of the heart and of the mind" for the benefit of the children and youth.

The life of Joseph Manyanet was like a parable of mission: to live the communion of Nazareth and propose its value to society by all the menas that were within his command.

God gave to Father Manyanet a charism to enrich the Church. He propagated it by  all the means within his reach: by means of his priestly ministry and the pedagogy of the family. He shared it with the men religious and the sisters of his institutes, so as to respond to the mission that God had given him to restore the family as the start of social recovery as well as ecclesial restoration.

The new perspective of the Church's ministry is shared by the lay persons in the spirituality and mission of the sons and daughters of Father Manyanet. From Nazareth, Jesus teaches a simple and original way: to be and to live as chil;dren of god, subject to Mary and Joseph, in a family life of communion, of work and serving the will of our heavenly Father.

Upon these two pillars -helping to grow in harmony as children of God and strengthening communion in the family -- the specific service of Father Manyanet is put into practice for the benefit of the Church.

In a "making of each home a Nazareth" is where the spiritual family of Father Manyanet encounters its challenge and its mission field which, at opening of the third millenium, become so timely.